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Dolphin Ship Management, Inc.

Contact details for Dolphin Ship Management, Inc. in Manila:
Address: 2F Mary Bachrach Bldg., 25th cor A.C. Delgado Sts., Port Area, Manila
Telephone: +63 (02) 527-8888
Fax: -
Email: asset [at] dolship [dot] com

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Recent Job Postings

Name Location Post date
Accountant (general) Manila Jan 26, 2011
Liaison Officer Manila Oct 12, 2010
Documentation Staff Manila Oct 11, 2010
Accountant (general) Manila Oct 11, 2010
Accountant (general) Manila Sep 9, 2010
Liaison Officer Manila Sep 9, 2010
Documentation Staff Manila Sep 9, 2010
Accountant (general) Manila Aug 11, 2010
Liaison Officer Manila Aug 11, 2010
Documentation Staff Manila Aug 11, 2010